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Committed to the development of outstanding wines, Achaval–Ferrer pursues quality excellence when it comes to the production of Argentine wine.
Achaval–Ferrer delivers world class quality wines, deeply rooted in the best hilltop vineyards of Mendoza
and they offer three levels toward discovering the authentic process of wine making.



First adventurous steps toward the search of a dream.

Santiago Achával, Roberto Cipresso, Manuel Ferrer and Tiziano Siviero come together and map out their steps.



Diego Rosso
joins the mission

Diego Rosso joins the mission to stamp his soul into each of the existing and future vineyards.


marks their creation!

The wine cellar is born and Diamante Vineyard is purchased and turned into the first crops.

Diamante Vineyard.


This is the moment that Altamira´s story begins.

While the group envisioned a style of production, Altamira Vineyard is created to give light and show the way.

Story told by Santiago Achával



Altamira Vineyard receives 5 stars

The new 1999 harvest that would later become Altamira Vineyard 1998 gets 5 Decanter stars, becoming the first Argentine wine to win this award.

Bella Vista and Mirador Vineyards.


Bella Vista and Mirador vineyards are acquired

Bella Vista and Mirador vineyards were new properties that were added to the family in unison with the Single Vineyard vision.


Quimera is born!

The sum of it all, the impossible dream.


Marcelo Victoria joins the wine cellar

Marcelo Victoria joins the wine cellar and the commercial venture begins.


Bella Vista Vineyard

Followed by a wonderful season in Argentina, it has its first harvest and takes its place within our portfolio. The terroir concept had all of its exemplary wines for the first time ever.



Altamira Vineyard
gets 96 points

from Wine Spectator, the highest score for a South American wine in history.


Wine bars get the new Mendoza Malbec 2003.

For the first time more than 100,000 bottles of wine are sold, the commercial venture begins in Buenos Aires, supervised by Cristian Duskiewicz.


The Achaval-Ferrer Winery


Home sweet home!

Our dream becomes a reality: the acquisition of a house in Bella Vista, located on the shore of the Mendoza River.


Roberto Cipresso is awarded

Best Italian winemaker by the Italian Society of Sommeliers.


We fulfilled the 200,000 bottle goal and reached 25 international markets with our wine labels.


Achaval-Ferrer becomes Winery of the Year by Wine & Spirits magazine; this award will also be given to Achaval-Ferrer in 2011 and 2012.


Altamira Vineyard 2009
gets 99 points

from Wine Advocate, becoming the first South American wine to achieve this score.


добро пожаловать

SPI Group purchases the wine cellar thanks to its international reputation.


The crop that will be the first of what we now know as Cabernet Mendoza is harvested, expanding the “Mendoza” line.


The Achaval-Ferrer brand is found in over 65 markets around the world.


Bella Vista Vineyard 2010
selected TOP 10

Bella Vista Vineyard 2010 is selected among the WorldWide TOP10 by the yearly publication of Wine Spectator, this is a unique and historic award for a Latin American wine.


New Administration. Silvio Alberto

With a long career and experience in the wine world, Silvio Alberto becomes CEO of the wine cellar. He gladly accepts this great career challenge, and his main goal is to boost the brand to an international level.


TOP 3 Vineyards

Our popularity and recognition grows thanks to the “Fincas” line. Altamira Vineyard (1). Mirador Vineyard (2) and Bella Vista Vineyard (3) reach the Top 3 Wine Spectator ranking of Argentinian wines each one with 96, 96, and 95 points.



Gastón Williams
Trade & Marketing director

Early in the year, Gaston Williams becomes Trade and Marketing director, facing new challenges for the wine cellar such as expanding the brand.


New Chief Financial Officer
Ricardo Romero

Shortly afterwards, Ricardo Romero takes over as CFO proving to be a valuable acquisition for the company given his extensive professional career.



An evolving identity

So our logo will take on a new look. It will keep with its origins, elements and style, reinforcing its message of conjunction and union as well as the analogy of how it exists as a bridge between the Old and New worlds. Know more.