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our team

From the very beginning the winery has held strong to a phrase that describes us: Achaval-Ferrer is above all, a group of friends.

Today after many years have passed we try our very best every day to honor that phrase. As a group we continue to grow together, pursuing the daily challenge of being the best Argentine wine year after year.


Business Director

Inheriting the romance and passion of his ancestors, Julio has always been attracted to wine. He is well versed in the culture, the pleasure and the romance around it. After growing up in a family owned winery he moved on to an international group with which he settled in New York City and travelled the world communicating and educating many about wine. He now lives back in Mendoza with his wife Vicky and his children Isabel (vintage 2008), Alfonso (vintage 2009) and Manuel (vintage 2011) convinced that the best of Argentine wine is still to come.



He studied accounting at the National University in Cuyo and received an MBA from the Catholic University of Cordoba. He has over fifteen years of experience within the field. He is married and has two kids and enjoys running and cycling.


Agronomist (Agricultural Engineer)

His native Mendoza. Leopoldo graduated from National University in Cuyo. With over 10 years of experience in working with wine projects, he began his relationship with Achaval-Ferrer in 2016 due to his interest in our production philosophy and its constant quest for the perfect wine.


Winemaker (Oenologist)

After Gustavo graduated from Juan Agustin Maza University in Mendoza he decided to enrich his knowledge by traveling to New Zealand and California in order to learn and gain experience that would later lead him to being an invaluable part of the Achaval-Ferrer world.