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Nowadays it is such a challenge to do something as simple as telling a story due to the environment that surrounds us. Under this reality there are so many stories gathering dust. However, in this same way this is how it gets its uniqueness and spices up the experiences of these odd adventures. It is said that treasures are not found at the port but rather at the bottom of the sea where few are ever able to reach. The blessing of being able to have the responsibility of interpreting the lands of Finca Altamira, Finca Bella Vista and Finca Mirador expresses this wine´s origin. Its messages and awards from around the world inspired the two winemakers, Santiago Achaval and Roberto Cipresso to come up with Temporis in 2007. “A team of 3 unique players” pray together.


Each year a new one is created out of this daringness, almost irrelevant, going beyond the interpretation of its predecessor. Temporis sets out to combine all of the sharp edges of time, as the protagonist it becomes involved with the wine´s message. It is in the land, the water, the light, the plants, the evolution and the drive. Each year Santiago and Roberto reassess this wine´s complex message and choose just two barrels from each Finca and in this way they are able together to achieve this longed after revelation. It´s not about choosing “the best” wine but rather “the most unique”. Once they are selected they go on to have a mission that probably none of us want to ever truly achieve.


WINEMAKERS Roberto Cipresso, Santiago Achával
100% Malbec. 1/3 Altamira, 1/3 Bella Vista, 1/3 Mirador
PRODUCTION 1,760 Bottles
BREDDING 18 months in french oak barrels
COSECHA Hand-harvested / From March 25 until Abril 16, 2011
ANALYSIS 14% Alcohol PH 3,65 Natural sourness without correction
SUGESTION Serving temperature between 16º and 18ºC. We strongly recommend decanting this wine at least an hour before drinking.